10 Foot High Camera Stand w/Carrying Case

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Forget fighting the crowds and worrying about someone stepping in front of your camera. Now, with this 10 foot high camera stand there's no hurry to get to the court to set up for your recruiting video. Using the added height you can get your camera high above the crowd and at the perfect angle to capture the winning hit. This camera stand is constructed of heavy duty aluminum and will stand up to the abuse of the many volleyball seasons ahead. While reaching up to almost 10 feet it is easily folded and stored for convenient travel and maneuvering through the crowds of the tournament season.
Ravelli ALS Full 10' Air Cushioned Light Stand With Included Adaptor To Also Support 1/4" and 3/8" Photo Equipment and Heavy Duty Carry Bag
  • Full Height 10'
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Air Cushion Stand
  • Male Studio Spigot Reversible Adapter