Start Game Day on the Path to Victory with These 5 Tips

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Start Game Day on the Path to Victory with These 5 Tips

Winning starts well before the team hits the field. It starts weeks ahead of schedule on the practice pitch and in the gym. Your child’s team must be properly coached to perform like a well-oiled machine in order to make winning a constant. There are obvious requirements for preparation, and then there are the not-so-obvious. Master them all to forge a culture of winning.


The body needs fuel to perform at a high level. Feeding your child the right kinds of food can greatly improve their performance and ability to do what their team and coach are expecting. Proper nutrition will assist a team to fire on all cylinders on game day. Nutritional needs are different for different sports. Football players may need to bulk up with plenty of protein and carbs while wrestlers may need to cut weight to be at the top of their class. Keep these in mind while preparing meals for your family and your athletic child.


The mind controls the body. The body cannot perform the proper movements with shaky mental fortitude. It's important for coaches to spend time on the psychology of performance with their team. Parents have a great responsibility in this regard as well. Talking with your child and helping them understand that doing their best is the most important thing can help them not feel overly stressed or pressured come game day. Parents can help children thinking positively at all times to help them feel confident and ready. Coaches and parents should work together to help make a player ready to perform well, and help them understand to maintain a positive attitude, win or lose.


Giving your child expectations can have them performing better. Do keep in mind that sometimes coaches and parents have different feelings or methods that they believe in. But almost always they will focus on doing their best and leaving everything out there if that's what you as a parent have as an expectation. Let them know what you hope to see from them, and you'll find your child performing up to and beyond their potential game after game.


Although coaches generally plan out most of the travel logistics, parents can help. For local games, parents driving players to the game, or carpooling with other parents reduces the amount of work coaches have to do. If the game is far away, you should communicate with the coach to prioritize safe transportation for the whole team. A coach wants to reduce all worries on game day so that each individual can focus on what needs to get done. Buses are ideal for transporting sports teams long distance because of their space, comfort, and safety. There’s a great level of camaraderie that occurs when a team travels together, no matter the age of the players.


You want your child as comfortable as possible. Developing a game day routine can put them in a rhythm before the competition even begins. A coach’s roster will be in sync with every movement throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help your child as well. Having a specific meal or routine can help your child be focused on the big task ahead. Once the child is on the field or at the play area, you can let the coach take over. They will control every experience throughout the rest of gameday and make it consistent to give the players a sense of normalcy even as they head into even the biggest game of their lives.


You can define a winning culture for your child through proper nutrition, game day mentality, what you expect from them, safe transportation, and a consistent routine. Winning will become a foregone conclusion with the right consistency throughout the season. 

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