How to Teach Your Kids Better Sportsmanship

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How to Teach Your Kids Better Sportsmanship

When parents enroll their child in sports, they think of the obvious benefits. They think of sports as a way to get their child active while helping them to have fun and make memories. Sports also teach a valuable set of skills that most parents don't think about. Sports teach kids what it's like to be a good teammate and the value of sportsmanship.

Channeling Emotions Into Something Positive

When kids lose, no matter what the sport, some of them will take it hard. That's because they tried their hardest and they still feel like they've come up short. It's only natural for kids to be mad at themselves, their teammates, and the other team. Teaching them to channel that anger in a positive way and keep it under control is essentially teaching them better sportsmanship. There's never a reason for fights on and off the field. Having kids use their words that express their anger in a non-harmful way is crucial.

Sportsmanship Ted Talk

For parents who want their children to have better sportsmanship, PR Smith's Ted Talk is one way to go. PR Smith is the founder of a sportsmanship program called The Great Sportsmanship Programme. During a recent talk, he shared short stories about sportsmanship. These are stories that inspire youth to truly embrace what it means to be an athlete in a positive light. Connections Academy calls this one of the best Ted Talks for kids!

Teaching Through Example

Children can be taught how to have good sportsmanship. It all starts with learning to keep anger in check and seeing the rival team as people at the end of the day. Everyone wants to win but unfortunately, not everyone can. As long as kids are having fun, however, and playing to the best of their abilities, then everyone wins. There have been multiple stories of positive sportsmanship that children can learn from. Fairly recently, a basketball player was seen tossing the ball to a disabled player on the rival team so that he could make a basket. When children learn that winning isn't everything, they learn what true sportsmanship is. To teach kids these skills, have them read stories like that. Those stories show how rival teams can come together to play a game and still make sure everyone leaves happy.

Reminding Children How it Felt to Lose

A final way to teach kids better sportsmanship is by asking them to remember how it feels to lose. When a kid remembers that feeling, they'll remember how much it stinks sometimes. Therefore, they'll know not to add insult to injury.

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